Place in Shirdi

Below picture indicates the three temple of Lord Shree Ganesh, Shree Lord Shiva and Lord Shaneshwar.These temple's existed since Baba was alive for instance.

There was incidence where Baba's greatest devotee Megha suddenly one day went to Baba and started worshipping him On his Baba asked him the reason why he was doing so and told him that instead of worshipping Lord Ganesha ,Shiva first why is he worshipping him first, on that Megha replied he did so because the temples doors were closed.On hearing this Baba simply replied that he did so because the temples doors were closed.On hearingthis Baba simply smiled,and then told him to go back to the temple and told that he will find the doors opened now.

Sometimes Baba used to sit and carry out conversations with some other saints in the maruti's temple.

The lanes of Shirdi around The Samadhi Temple have a number of shops selling momentoes, offerings and flowers. Every grain of the soil of Shirdi is blessed by the touch of the Supreme Master, Shri Sai Baba.

«The Ganesha   temple  is the  smallest of all. It is an  old temple with a small  idol of Lord   Ganesha.

  Shani temple »
 dedicated to Lord  Saturn, a powerful  planet. There is a small  ‘dhuni’ (sacred fire) in  Saturn temple also.  Here Baba’s large  portrait is placed  behind the idol of  Saturn.

 « Mahadev temple is  also quite old.In front  of this temple there is  a ‘Nandi’, and behind  ‘Nandi’, a tomb of tiger  is erected who  breathed his last at the  sacred feet of Shri Sai  Baba in Dwarkamai .

 ˆMaruti temple is situated in mid  Dwarkamai and Baba's Chawri.It  is said that this is the only  temple besides Khandoba in Shirdi  village having direct association  with the life of Sai Baba at Shirdi.  Baba used to often make mystic  sign towards Maruti temple while  passing by with palanquin  procession. This is a south-facing  temple, which is quite uncommon  in Hindu religion.
Shani Shingnapur: »
It is very well known temple in Shridi approximately 75 kilometers away from the shridi.In this small village one can find that there are no doors for houses ,shops,temples etc.Yet there is no theft,whosoever tries to commit this act suffers a lot and gets caugth immediately.


« DattaGuru Mandir
This mandir is located in Lendibaug in shirdi.
Khandoba's Mandir »
This Mandir is indicated as no.11 on the block diagram.Baba's greatest devotee Shree Mahalsapati used to carry out in this temple .This is a place where he saw Baba for the time and unknowingly called him "Aao Sai" .And rigth from that day Baba was called as "Sai"