Information of other Temples                                                                                                  

Maharashtra is state were one can find various types of Mandir's(temples) of different gods and goddesses which are situated in various places in India.The following are some of them:

Lord Vithoba

Goddess Tulja Bhavani

Lord Vithoba: Located near Solahpur city millions of devotees reaching these places by walking, singing Bhajans, Kirtans etc,. Generations of peoples/Devotees are worshiping the god from many years back. This is known as the god of poor peoples. Different type of peoples irrespective of caste & religions visit this place to see the miracles of god.

Goddess Tulja Bhavani: Located in Solhapur city, this goddess belonges to millions of devotees family motherhood. Millions of devotees visit this place for seeing the miracles and worshiping the goddess.

Gondholkar Maharaj : He was born approximately at Wednesday 1844 & left his body on 22nd December 1913. Millions of devotees of different castes worship this god. They have also come across various miracles in the temple.


Aakalkot Swami's Math

Shegaon's Gajanan Maharaja

Aakalkot Swami Maharaj : This is the incrination of Lord Guru Dev Datha. Nobody knows his birth place, he left his body approximately on Tuesday 30th April 1878 evening at 5.30 hours.Approximately 40 km away known as Akalkot, millions of devotees of different castes worship this god. They also have come across various miracls.

Shegaon's Gajanan Maharaja : 356 kilometers away from Shirdi.


Gyaneshwar's temple

Outside View of Sai Baba Mandir

Baba's Mandir
Aalandi : Shree Gyaneshwar's temple is located in pune about 231 kilometers away from Shirdi.Sai Baba's    mandir is also located in pune near alandi.This mandir was built on 4th June 1998 having more than 3    acres area.In this mandir all the earth's are carried out and Baba is offered in Navedhya (food) as per    Shirdi's daily routine.Some of the photo's of this mandir are as follows.

Triupati Balaji Mandir

Nath Dwara

Triupati Balaji Mandir : This is the richest temple in the world, millions of devotees more than fifty thousand people visit everyday. More than one to two lakhs festivals depending upon the seasons and type of festivals are carried out. Approximately there is more than three cores of annual income. It is perhaps the oldest temple in the world. Approximately, worship is carried out for more than 1300 years. It is the only temple which has more than 1000 inscriptions from the 7th century. The temple is kept open for approximately 20 hours for the Darshan. Different type of Puja is performed in different days as per timing and donations. It is located in hill areas of Karnataka.

Nath Dwara: (This temple is in rajastan) Udhaypur second richest temple in India.

Pune temple: Considering the tremendous rush and difficulties for devotees point of view, one of the devotees built up Lord SHREE SAI BABA temple near Pune Alnadi Road. This temple has more than 7 acre of area having various type of facilities. Some of the facilities are already existing and some of them will be shortly introduced.

In this temple all tehe activities carried out, such as Arthi, Puja, Abhshike, Pranayam, festivals etc,. Every Thursday & Saturday thousands of devotees visit and carru out some Bhajan activities.

Shri Sai baba Temple at Pune

Sai Palkhi in Pune temle

Mahadeva temple at Pune

Very shortly we are going to introduce various type of system for (1) Dhayan Dharna, (2) Abhishek/Puja, (3) Small Children Educations, (4) Feeding for poor people, (5) Accomidation facilities for oldage people, (6) touch screen system, (7) Internet communication services, (8) Sending Photo/Prasad for the various devotees who are located in different parts of the world.

If BABA wishes, we will try to telecast live picture/Puja/Abhishek/Arthi for the benefit of old and ill people/Devotees who are not able to visit to shirdi. Some of the photograph of Palkies and Shiv temple are shown.