When Baba was alive Experience

    From past history we have seen so many incarnations and their miracles.Sai Baba was one of     them.The following are some of his miracles seen/experienced by his devotees when he was     alive/after his death.

  • Once Nana one of the Baba's greatest devotees had a painful boil on his buttocks which did not yield easily to any meditation.Though he had immense faith in the powers of Sai Baba and knew that very often Baba took sufferings on himself.His doctors finnaly decided that he must be operated upon.Then doctor told nana that is a diffcult one.On hearing this nana became very nervous.
        That nigth nana slept with Baba's picture under his pillow.Then next day the sureon turned up     as per his appointment and made all arrangements for the operation.It was exactly fifteen     minutes before the actual operation to commence.Nana was laying on his face on the bed and     suddenly a small piece of tile fell from the roof and, of all the places,it hit the boil and expelled     all the bad blood.When the doctar examined he was very surprised and told nana that there     was no need to operate it Nana too was very surprised .After afew days Nana visited Sai     Baba, and came to know that it was only Baba who removed his boil with his own fingers.
  • One day,at noon,Baba asked someone to get a ladder and with the help of that climed the roof of Vaman Gondhkar's house and from there he walked over the roof of Radhakrishnamai's house and got down from the other side.Why he did so remained a mystery.Some of them thougth that it was mysterious manner of curing Radhakrishnamai of malaria.After climbing down,Baba gave Rs2 to man who brougth the ladder for him.One of his devotees asked the reason why he paid such on exorbitant price for such minor service,he simply replied that nobody should take the anybody's labour free of cost.
  • S.S.D Nimonkar a police inspector was on his way from poona to nimon where his brother's wife had recently given birth to a child.On his way he decided to halt in Shirdi for Baba's Darshan.As he was taking leave,Sai Baba gave him udhi saying him to "Save the child life"
    When reached Nimon he found that the newborn child was dead.His parents had lost hope. On this Mr.N.S.S Nimonkar took the child on his lap and prayed to Sai Baba for help and within five minutes the child begun to recover.