About Shirdi

    India is a spiritual country having population of more than 100 crores with different caste/religion. More than 90% of population worship different gods at different places and in different manner as per their religions. India is considered as a biggest religious country in the whole world about more than one crore of temples are located in different places. Here every religious festivals are celebrated according to their customs.

Hence as India has different religion and festival. Therefore I have launched “Shri Sai Baba’s” website for the benefit of millions of devotees - Sai Bakht- spreads all over the world.

You might be aware of that Lord Shri Sai Baba is the supreme power in the world, from history it was observed that he has solved any kind of problems, and cured any kind of diseases of his devotees in very short span of time without even giving them medicines. At present he has shown tremendous miracles, cured peoples even at the last stage of cancer, given rebirth, saved many people from accidents, removed people safely from jaws of death and in future also he will continuously show his powers and shower his blessing on his millions of devotees.

I would not be able to launch this site with blessing. With his humble touch and powerful blessing I could live. He gave me second life. He has given me all sorts of comforts, which, I am not even worth it. Even if carry out Abhisheka (Coronation) of my blood for Him. I feel it will be insufficient. He carries out all the activities and I am only his instrument.

I have launched this website Purely service point of view and also planning to introduce new concept and new vision for the devotees due to which they will understand and can visualize the teaching of
“Sai Satya Chatita” (53 chapters) So, I have prepared a small CD & touch screen. The few samples of this CD is also shown on this website.