Get Closer to Baba

Baba's message to devotees

Shree Lord Sai Baba has given us ocean with full of spiritual water and SAI SAHT CHARITRA POTHI in the form of a mirror. It is the duty of every devotees to drink this water and clean his mirror with chapter by chapter of lesson by lesson. When you completely clean your mirror (Implementing in your life) than you can see your full image with shining raises. He says "I'm hear to solve your problems, difficulties, sorrows and ready to show you clean clear road/path of life. But you must understand and implement it in your practical life., which he had indicated in SATH SAI CHARITRA POTHI by different chapters with illustrations for this you study his life, behavior, way of explaining the stories of different devotees and guiding innocently. In short,

  1. To improve yourself, you family, you neboures, society and etd.
  2. Try to help poor needy people.
  3. Do not take any hard money and free labour from others.
  4. Do not carry the business in BABA's name and carry out illegal activities and misguide, cheat peoples or devotees.
  5. Try to surrender your ego.
  6. Carry out everyday Nama Jap, Dhyan Dhahrna, Reading, Bhajans or Shravan (to hear)
  7. Try to read Vishnu Shastra Namn Pothi daily
  8. Worship to your God and Parents.
  9. Try to pure you mind body by way of Jap,Dhyan,Paranayam (reading) etc.
  10. Never count how many times you have visited to shirdi/temple, how many times you carried out paranayam (reading). But count what you understand and how far you have implemented in you life.
  11. Number i not important but implementation and action will change you whole life.
  12. Try to digest an implement each and every chapters and explain to others.
  13. Try to utilize you important time and life for benefiting others.
  14. Please do not become angry or scolded on any one without any reason.
  15. If your are not able to offer anything to a beggar, do not abuse him or give bad words.
  16. Look everywhere with loving eyes.
  17. Do not company any worship with any ones or blame point out his mistakes.
  18. Before entering your Dhayan Dhahrana room/starting your worship/reading/Jap, clean your minds, your thoughts like a mirror and then see the powerful raises.
  19. After getting up in the morning ask yourself, who am I?. While taking food ask yourself. Who is giving foood to us? Before going to bed think of what good and bad activities your have done.
  20. Do not use BABA's money. If your are serving as a trusteed, employees, officers in any temple or trustees place then please keep in mind whatever you doing, your are doing it for GOD. Please do nto take any due advantage of your post/chair and harres or take money form peples/devotees.
  21. For any work you prayed/Navas (made promises) to god and that work is fulfilled/completed then carry out that duty/promises as per your commitment.
  22. Try to remember BABA's two very famous saying /thoughts (SHRADHA & SABURI)

I sincerely request please visit shirdi at least once a time and pray the god

Guideline for devotee

  1. Generally rainy season, Ganpati festival during February, March very limited devotee visits during this time for the darshan. In this time darshan takes minimum 10 minutes to 1 hour.
  2. During festival there is no Abhishek or Satyanarayana Pooja.
  3. Satyanarayana pooja takes place in separate room as indicated block diagram p aproximately charges 50 Rs. and Abhisheka they charge approximately Rs.25
  4. In festival it is very difficult to get hotel or Dhamashala. Sometime hotel owners they increase their charges from 500 to 1000 Rs per day.
  5. There is separate room for carry out the Parayana.
  6. There is no guide for giving all the information about important places as well as nobody will ask any money for any spiritual purpose. It is a advisable to attend Kakad aarti and afternoon aarti.
  7. All types of food available.
  8. Heavy rush of devotees from South.
  9. It is advisible to sit some time in Dwarkamai.
  10. Some difficulties then visit lendibaug.
  11. To read daily one chapter from "Saicharitra Pothi".
  12. For the old age people(above 65) will get direct darshan.(approach PRO)
  13. Take udi everyday along with water.
  14. As long as you are in shirdi try to concentrate nam, jap, dhyana darshan etc.
  15. According to your bank balance you will get benefit.
  16. Spritual development point of view try to spend maximum time in Dwarkamai(in night)
  17. Whatever you read try to understand, diggest and try to implement in practical life.
  18. If you are difficulty please light insencestine stick(candle) in front of baba and pray(in your innercoution)